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We have compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by our club members over the years . Here are just some answers to those questions. If you do not see a question below that matches your inquiry, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll add it to the list of questions to be included when the list is updated. Thank you!


For general Hillside Swim Club inquiries whom do I contact?
Please use the contact form with your inquiries.


What time does the pool open and close during the normal session?
The pool opens at 12:00pm daily, and closes at 9:00pm.


How do I reserve the covered outdoor patio for a party?
The outdoor covered patio can be reserved by visiting the front Gate house, and discussing with the staff member on duty.


How do I get a picnic table in the grass patio area?
Picnic tables in the grass patio area are assigned to members by seniority. There is no need to apply for a picnic table as your bond number is already on the list. When available, a table will be offered to the next bond holder on the list.


May I use a picnic table even though I don’t have my own yet?
Yes you may. All tables are open to members when not in use by the member who has been assigned to the particular table you choose to use for the day.


What are HSC member work Parties?
Every bondholder is required to (a)participate in one work party a year, (b) pre pay the work party buyout of $100 before the season starts, or (c) be accessed a work party fee after the season has started of $175. New members are exempt their first year.


Do I need to reserve a table in the patio area?
Tables located on the patio area are on a first come first serve basis each day.


If I have a problem while at the club, to whom can I address my issue?
If it involves an issue related to the pool, please share your concern with the Pool Manager. This person is responsible to oversee the life guard staff and manage the pool area. If it is a problem, not pool-related, please use the email form. Remember though, all members of Hillside are responsible that the club is being operated safely and responsibly. Our club is staffed mainly by volunteers.If you experience unsafe behavior, for example on the part of a minor, please intercede. Running unsafely, damaging property, are examples of situations where any responsible adult manner, a Hillside member, should intercede and address.You can even follow up with an email to the Hillside board on something you resolved. We would appreciate having that information so re-occurring situations can be resolved by the entire Board. It’s all our club. Let’s work together to keep it safe and enjoyable.


Do I need to be on the pool deck while my child/children are swimming?
Yes and it is determined by the age of your child?


How old do children have to be in order to be at the club unchaperoned?
Children under 12 can be unchaperoned at the club until 6 p.m. Children 13 and over are unrestricted and can be unchaperoned at the club any time. How about if they are guests?


Can I invite guest to the club?
Yes, guest are welcome. A guest fee of $10 per adult and $5 per child is required for the day. Hosting member must be on site with guests at all times.


Can I use the HSC property during the off-season?
You may certainly use the outdoor grounds off-season. If you wish to rent the house, you must contact the club to speak to the person in charge of renting the facility.


Membership Resignation (How To Terminate My Hillside Swim Club Membership?)
According to the bylaws, and to protect your interests, resignation letters are requested to be sent in writing to the P.O. Box (PO BOX 14-1056, SI NY 10314) dated prior to March 31st, to be effective for that year. Letters should include your original bond and your families ID cards.If you no longer have your original bond, please note that in your letter.In the past, it has been strongly recommended that this letter be sent via certified mail, so that you have proof it was received by us prior to that date (if received on or after 4/1, its considered a resignation for the next year, and current year dues would be taken out of the bond money).Once we receive your letter, we will acknowledge receipt via email, so the certified mail is your choice, to provide you evidence we have received. Please reference your bond number in all communications.