Hillside July 4 th. Week Schedule…

Ok Hillside, here we go with Holiday weekend info starting TONIGHT!
Wednesday July 3rd – Tiki Bar open at 5pm with Sangria Specials (while supplies last)…

Your Kids Safety

We heard you loud & clear at our annual meeting that safety is a top priority. And as you know, it takes a village with 9 acres, so we are asking your help! PLEASE emphasize to your children that storage containers in the back field are NOT to be entered or climbed on. This is DANGEROUS and we need all adults to keep an eye out and help to enforce this. In addition, reminder there are lots of little lungs at the club. Smoking AND vaping is only permitted in the smoking section in front of the bathrooms.

Final Friendly Safety Reminder
Hillside does not all any hard bats, scooters, bikes or skateboards. Please also stay out of the clubhouse as maintenance is being done. If you notice any safety concern, please report it to and the Board of Directors will address it immediately.

You Are The Company You Keep
Please be reminded that you (Hillside member) are responsible for your Guests behavior (kid or adult). If you need to brush up on rules and regulations, please CLICK HERE for the HSC Members rules.

Swim Lesson Sign-Up
Don’t miss your chance to improve your child’s swimming skills! Space is filling fast…

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