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Welcome members to the club’s online resource for membership dues & payment information, new membership applications, club rules, and other Hillside forms available for download. Want to see more resources added here? Fill out the contact form with your suggestions and we’ll review for future site updates. Payment Information: All payments are due by Saturday, April 15, 2023. For your convenience, we added the option to pay via credit online. Simply fill in your name or bond number in the payment you wish to submit, and click on the Pay Now button below to complete the transaction for your 2023 club membership dues.

Annual Hillside (2023) membership letters were mailed out. Please read through them carefully for important information on this year’s dues & payment options, work parties, resignation procedures and more. If you have not received your letter, please contact us immediately.

Additional Payment Information: Any other purchases, please email: info[use @ sign], and we will send you an electronic Invoice.

Payments received/postmarked between April 16th, and May 13th, 2023; will be subject to a $25 late fee. Payments received after May 13th, 2023. Will be subject to an additional $25 penalty, for a total late payment/penalty fee of $50.

Membership Work Party Payment

Work Party $175.00 Fee

Bond number or Last name

2023 Family Membership Only

Bond number or Last name

2023 Senior (Legacy) Membership

Senior number or Last name

You can download the application by CLICKING HERE.


We will provide three date choices and offer the usual buyout option as well this year. Please see the annual due’s letter for upcoming work party dates and more information.

Please be reminded that Hillside resignations MUST be received in writing by certified mail NO LATER than March 31st. Your bond must also be included at that time. Any resignations received after the deadline will not be accepted until the following season, and you will be responsible for payment of current dues.

Club Membership Application — Bylaws, Rules, and Regulations

  • Current members interested in sponsoring new members should download the Membership Application here.
  • A copy of the current Bylaws of Hillside Swimming Club, Inc., dated April 2019, is available here to download.
  • The current Rules and Regulations version 12 dated 2019 is available to download for the protection and benefit of all members.

Middle Members Only
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