Spring Flowers

Spring Cleaning at Hillside

The weather looks perfect this coming Saturday for our member work party! As a reminder, we will offer 4 dates (listed below and on the dues letter) and attendance at a work party is required of all non-first year members. You can buy-out of the work party for $100 which can be mailed with 2021 dues. Failure to attend a work party or buying out will lead to added fees and ultimately suspension of membership. We all own Hillside together, and we all need to pull our weight. Work parties start at 8 am.

This years work parties are scheduled for Saturday, March 27th, Saturday April 17th, Saturday May 1st, and Saturday May 8th

We are also pleased to announce that Hillside will be testing an improved, user-friendly software platform. So we need to do some spring membership data cleaning as well. If you need to update your primary e-mail on file or need to add a new e-mail address, now is the time! Please send updates ASAP to hillsideswimclub@gmail.com. This will not count as a work party.